Starting a new Church Year (September 9th, 2018)

It is that time…

Everyone has gone or is going back to school, most of the vacation adventures are completed and it is time to start the autumn routine.

Hopefully that includes involvement for you and your family in a local Christian church within the Moses Lake community.

If you do not have a “church home” within the community, let us at this time extend an invitation to you and your family to come and visit Emmanuel Baptist Church and worship with us.

We had special service hours in place during the summer months, but starting tomorrow, September 9th, 2018, we will be returning to our regular worship times, with Sunday School for children and adults beginning at 9:45 AM and regular morning worship beginning at 11:00 AM.

We hope that you will be able to join us and we look forward to meeting you.

Summertime! And the living is easy, but ….

But that doesn’t mean that it is time to skip out on Church attendance!

Summertimes are busy times. Church attendance has to compete with a wide array of other activities. It is sometimes too easy to neglect or find reasons to “skip out”.

This summer at Emmanuel Baptist Church we will be hearing from Michael Black of East Wenatchee. He has agreed to come and supply instruction and encouragement for all of us on Sunday mornings. We hope that you will consider joining us.

We have started on our new SUMMER HOURS where Church begins at 10:00 AM.

There will be a Children’s Church and a Nursery provided during the Sunday morning worship time. We will normally be finished by 11:30 AM.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday Morning – April 22nd

Dr. Steven Brewer

Dr. Steven Brewer


We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Steven Brewer as one of our guest speakers over the past eight months. He will continue to be with us until the first part of June this summer. He has done an excellent job of presenting the Christian faith in simple, clear, easy to understand terms that anyone can understand.

If you haven’t heard him you have missed out.

As a skilled Christian teacher and educator, Dr. Brewer is someone who can answer questions. His Sunday morning presentations are building sessions.





Each Sunday morning, he brings a the next step in the series that he is teaching. Logically and carefully building upon what he has laid before, he takes people to a place of good understanding and answers. He is no pushover and he doesn’t dodge the hard questions. When he doesn’t know the answer, he simply says so and is comfortable in doing so. I have really enjoy his time with us.

Are you at a place in life where you are out of the Church?

Maybe because of choices that you made, maybe because of circumstances beyond your choice or your control?

We all have our days and moments in life where things go sideways.

Well, if you are outside and know that you are not where you should be and you want to do something about it, then I would invite you to come to Emmanuel Baptist Church and listen to Dr. Brewer.

He is not going to judge you.

Instead, if you wish, you can simply come and talk to him and ask for help.

He is a gentle person and is not a scalp hunter.

He is simply interested in teaching and leading people into being the best that they can be and introducing people to the Lord, Jesus Christ when they are ready.

Please consider coming and joining us on Sunday mornings.

Clint Bridges



Baptism: Sunday – April 15,2018

Pastor Steve Brewer is sharing his thoughts on water baptism this morning.

As I sit and listen, here are thoughts on what he is saying.

As a Baptist church, we teach and believe that baptism by immersion is the New Testament form of baptism. We see it as a step of obedience in following Jesus as a Christian. There is symbolism in the act of baptism. It represents, in a public way, the cleansing from sin which comes from God once a person repents, confesses and turns away from sin and turns towards God through Jesus Christ. It also represents a public identification with Jesus Christ and his death, burial and resurrection from the dead. Into the grave and back up again. The same as Jesus being killed and buried and raised up again from the grave.

It is, and is supposed to be a great, happy event in the life of a Christian believer (one who has decided to live for and follow Jesus).

And every believer in Christ should be baptized.

The norm, in the early days of the Church, was for a believer to be baptized soon after conversion. Oddly, today, in the modern American church, being baptized does not seem to be a priority in the lives of many believers. I am not sure why this is so.

It is interesting, hearing Steve’s take on baptism. He has a lot of knowledge on the subject. I am enjoying listening to him. He explains things very well.


Sunday April 15th












This Sunday, Dr. Stephen Brewer will be speaking again. I hope that you will be able to attend.









Remember that there is a Sunday School class for adults starting at 9:45 and that we also have nursery attendants to watch and care for the little ones. At the moment we are limited in our ability to provide Sunday School classes for young people. We do have a class for children between four and  seven but we lack elsewhere.

If you are a responsible Christian person and are looking for an opportunity to get involved with a small local church we would like to hear from you, We have several opportunities open and available for teachers and support people to help teach Sunday School classes.














Coming to Church on Sunday morning is not necessarily a requirement to “go to heaven” or anything like that. Rather instead,¬†it is an investment into the local community to help and encourage others and to help yourself stay “strong in the Lord.”

In the early pioneer days of the American West, when settlers traveled across the plains to discover or reach new lands, they usually banded together in wagon trains and caravans. They did this because the journey was long and hard and there were many life-threatening perils and difficulties along the way. It was safer to travel together and to help each other with the difficulties.

Well, it is no different today with life.

There are many difficult things in life that are better faced with friends and a community of people who know you and care about you. Trying to make it alone and on your own is a tough way to go. I personally find that staying connected with my Church family is very helpful. You have people to talk to and who care about you and who will come alongside to share your problems.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, asking for help, instead it is something to rejoice in, because it helps you¬†realize that you are not alone and that there are good people in the world who genuinely care about others.

So we hope to see you in Church this Sunday. Come and rejoice with us. Sing, think, pray, get to know others and change your life.

Jesus never turned anyone away. It’s His church and you are welcomed to attend.

So finally, here is a cartoon to think about. I find it challenging and a little bit stinging in a few places in my life…how about you?















Clint Bridges