Our Dress Code

Our church is a generally an informally dressed church.

We are more interested in having people come and worship with us and celebrate the Good News about Jesus than we are about what they are wearing.

And we realize that many people today either do not have fancy dress up clothes or are simply not that comfortable in them.

So, please come as you are, with these caveats.

Please think of other people.

Please try to dress completely and in a manner that will not be terribly distracting to other people.

Tattoos, hair style, body modifications are all OK. We realize that they are part of who we are as people and that they often reflect things that are important to us.

We get it.

Please come.

The important thing is that you are willing to spend time with us and so that we can get to know you and so that you can get to know us.

We know, in today’s society, that dress code variances often reflect a wide range of social issues. But Jesus didn’t seem to have problems with anyone other than the stuffy “church” people of His day.

So that’s how we want to be. We want to follow and honor Jesus.

So, please come.

And hopefully, if you are different than us, we will work it out and we will both follow Jesus together.

Oh, and if you are more comfortable wearing a suit and tie, you are still more than welcome.