Welcome Pastor Michael Brownell

Today, we are announcing and welcoming our new Pastor, Michael Brownell, to our congregation. Pastor Mike comes to us from Leavenworth, WA where he had been serving as the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Leavenworth for the past three years. Pastor Mike attended Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary and has a Master of Divinity Degree from Gateway Seminary (formerly known as Golden Gate Theological Seminary) out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Prior to going to college and seminary, Pastor Mike spent twenty years serving in the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman between the years of 1986 and 2006. He attend Whitworth College in Spokane, WA and received his BLS in Humanities and then went on to complete his seminary degrees.

He served as the Pastor of Pine Street Baptist Church in Othello Washington for five years and then moved to become the pastor of the Leavenworth, WA church. He also served as a police chaplain for three years while in Othello, WA.

We look forward to Pastor Mike’s ministry here in Moses Lake, WA. He is community concerned and oriented and hopes to join with other community ministries and add his own to make a difference within the lives of local residents.

We welcome you to come and meet him and get acquainted.

Sunday morning services begin at 9:45 AM with Sunday School and the Sunday morning worship service with Pastor Mike speaking will begin at 11:00 AM. Dress is informal and comfortable at Emmanuel Baptist Church and all people, regardless of background, are welcome to attend.

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